Technology Tools

Marsden's advanced technology tools allows both the client and our management team to stay on top of every facility at the touch of a keypad.

Worksite Service Center

The Service Center is a web-based solution to send, track and receive information regarding your requests.  By using a database application we not only provide real-time follow-up information, but also capture data that can be used for tracking, trending and ongoing quality improvement.  You simply submit a request and our system immediately auto-assigns that request to the proper service team members and sends appropriate notifications. You will then receive a confirmation email stating that your request has been received.  Once your request has been completed, you will receive another email confirming that our team has resolved the issue.

SnapShot Inspections

  • Web-Based Inspection
  • SystemWorks with any PDA Phone
  • Real-Time Evaluations
  • Robust Reporting
  • Easy To Use

SnapShot Inspections provide a real time status of quality assurance evaluations from our management team. By using a web-enabled phone or PC, our managers enter their inspection results directly into your site specific WorkSite database. Each web-based SnapShot inspection form is specific to a floor or site within your property portfolio.

Win TEAM – Web-based Telephone Timekeeping

At any moment we know your sites are staffed (or not).

  • Our cleaners call on and off at the worksite for accurate timekeeping. 1-888-566-1717
  • The system sends an alert within 5 minutes if we do not receive a call on by a specified time.
  • Caller ID confirms that our cleaner is calling from the authorized phone.
  • A web access portal allows our managers to verify proper ins and outs.
  • Actual labor gets compared to budgets to ensure proper service.
  • Data from call on/off feeds into payroll check processing.