Safety & Compliance 1st

The products we use are produced by major manufacturers, such as 3M & Johnson, who have a commitment to maintaining high standards in both environmental responsibility and user safety.

Marsden strives to operate with maximum safety. No phase of our Operation or Administration is more important than safety and accident prevention. Our goal is to eliminate injuries and to avoid customer and company property damage.

Marsden’s full-time Safety Director ensures that we are in compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements at all times. Our Safety Director is also available to work individually with the team at your facility to develop site-specific safety programs.

Safety is achieved by:

  • Mandatory Safety First Training
  • Clear MSDS Procedures
  • MSDS Training
  • Safe Products
  • Proper Product Use Training
  • Product Disposal Procedures
  • Work Place Accident and Injury Reduction Program

Our commitment to properly trained, safety-conscious associates will provide you with cleaner facilities. Our commitment to safety also helps us keep our operating expenses as competitive as possible.

Work Safe. Work Smart.