Day Cleaning

Day Cleaning provides extra green benefits, while reducing impact to the envirnment and saving you money.

Environmental, Cost, and Quality Benefits

  • Energy reduction with 5 to 10% cut in electricity usage
  • Improved carbon footprint that may help with future mandates
  • Improved IAQ through the use of green products, tools, equipment and practicesWe do windows, daycleaning
  • Potential labor reduction when Day Porter tasks are replaced with full cleaning crew
  • Cleaning staff turnover is reduced providing more long-term stability
  • Reduced night activity means doors stay secured – less potential for human error
  • Occupants become careful and tidy as they appreciate their cleaner
  • Concerns are resolved before turning into complaints

Program Highlights

  • Corded equipment is used only before or after business hours
  • Wet floor cleaning is performed before or after business hours
  • Periodic deep cleaning tasks are performed after business hours
  • Corridors and isles are vacuumed during the day using battery equipment
  • Most of the routine cleaning tasks are performed during business hours
  • Recycle collected at the desk encourages maximum participation
  • Cleaning staff attend Marsden’s Daytime Star Service training