About Us

"With Marsden Services, customers get the hometown team with national strength." - Guy Mingo, CEO

The Hometown Team with National Strength

Skip Marsden founded Marsden in 1952. Skip began with the simple but brilliant philosophy that if you treat your employees and your customers fairly and honestly, and maintain good ethical behavior, your company will succeed. Marsden has grown to become one of the largest privately owned facility service providers in the United States now led by CEO Guy Mingo. We concentrate on providing quality driven facility and security services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through fair and honest business practices. Marsden has built a reputation for our exceptional responsiveness, accountability and attention to detail. It is essential we live up to all of our commitments, and that we keep our promises.

Marsden is a national facility services provider with operations in 46 states. Our growth has been driven by the success of our family of wholly owned affiliate companies. When evaluating potential acquisitions to place within our family of companies, we only accept quality driven, service oriented companies that maintain the same high level of ethics that Marsden was founded on many years ago.

Each of our platform operating companies hold onto their identity by keeping their founded name, key management staff and corporate character. To guarantee the competitiveness and efficiency of our platform operating companies, Marsden Senior management works behind the scenes to provide national support, unified system integration, enterprise wide back office solutions and an economy of scale strategic sourcing system. We are committed to helping each of our operating groups maintain their hometown feel while benefiting from our national strength.

Hence our Motto: ‘We are the Hometown Team with National Strength!’

Thank you for your consideration of Marsden. We hope to become your vendor partner in the near future.